We offer competitive premiums

and adjust each policy to its special needs

We visit and assess our clients personally

We work with all kind of insurance: 

  • Your home and your family (interoperable with your mortgage)

  • Cars / Motorbikes / Boats

  • Health Insurance with free choice of doctors world-wide (Cosalud)

  • Owner-Communities  

  • Life Insurance (interoperable with the requirements of your banc)

  • Burrial and Repatriation plans

  • Travel cancellation insurance (single and annual policies) 

  • Family-Legal-Protection-Insurance with free choice of lawyer

  • Landlord protection for leased premises

  • Tele-Assistance-Insurance 

  • Personal Accident Insurance 

  • Saving plans for retirement         

  • PIAS (integral plans for systematically saving)

  • Pension plans

  • Investment funds (fixed interest, variable and mixed funds)

  • Comercial Stores

  • Small and medium-sized companies

We offer a personal service, on an efficient and responsible basis

 Ask for a quote – naturally without any obligation!!!

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